A Record of Failed Promises

Aisha Wahab has failed to effectively represent her constituents.

The accountability of our elected representatives is a paramount concern for the people. Regrettably, Senator Wahab has proven incapable of fulfilling her duties and has performed inadequately while in office. When public officials violate the public’s trust, abuse their power, and fail to meet the expectations placed upon them, it becomes the obligation and legal right of concerned community members to remove such a failed representative.

Senator Wahab has profoundly disappointed those who entrusted her with their votes. Her pervasive, persistent, and widespread failures have prompted a diverse coalition to unite to restore faith in our government and elected officials. It is crucial that elected leaders genuinely represent the interests of those who have elected them.

What’s at Stake

Our Community. Our Safety. Our Voice.

Alarming statistics indicate that the crime rate in Alameda County currently stands at a staggering 70% higher than in other counties throughout the United States. Reference (1)

01. An Inconvenient Truth

Senator Wahab, as the chair of the Public Safety Commission in the California Senate, has displayed a concerning lack of action in response to the escalating crime rates. Her absence and lack of accountability are evident in her failure to respond to the significant threats that pose a serious risk to the safety of her constituents. Despite the urgency of the situation, Senator Wahab has not taken any meaningful steps to address these issues or provide a response to the concerns raised by the public.

02. Senator Wahab’s Partial Record of Failure

Senator Wahab’s track record reveals a troubling lack of response and action in several critical areas:

  • The tragic shooting death of two young children on
    -880 received no response from Senator Wahab.
  • There has been no investigation initiated by Senator Wahab into the alarming incidents of vehicle fires in Oakland, CA, and other cities.
  • Consistently, Senator Wahab has neglected to meet with her constituents, demonstrating a lack of accessibility and engagement.
  • Senator Wahab has failed to present a comprehensive plan to address the prevalent issues of sideshows and street racing, which involve numerous vehicles and pose a significant threat to public safety.
  • She has been noticeably absent from Committee Meetings, raising concerns about her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities as an elected official.
  • Senator Wahab has displayed inconsistency by flip-flopping on key issues that she had previously promised to address.

03. Absent on the Job

Ironically, State Senator Wahab, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, has remained silent and absent in addressing pressing issues that matter to all. Instead, she has focused on collaborating with special interests and introducing bills that could lead to profiling and increased bullying in schools, neglecting genuine public health and safety concerns.

04. The Only Option

Recalling State Senator Wahab is the only viable option available to restore the people’s faith and trust. It is crucial for the safety and well-being of our community, particularly our children. By holding her accountable, we can reclaim effective representation in Sacramento.

Aisha Wahab Has a Serious Record Of

01. The Job Matters.

Senator Aisha Wahab, who was elected in 2022 currently serves in the California State Senate from the 10th District. The 10th District includes several cities – Hayward, Fremont, Milpitas, Newark, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Union City.

02. The Job is Important to All.

Senator Wahab holds positions in various committees, including Public Safety (chair), Health, Housing, Human Services, Business, Professions, and Economic Development.

03. Loss of Confidence & Breach of Trust.

Unfortunately, Senator Wahab’s actions have resulted in a loss of public trust, prompting the formation of a wide-ranging coalition advocating for fair and effective representation. The primary objective of this coalition is to initiate a recall of Senator Wahab, thereby reinstating the voice of the common people in Sacramento. Notably, the coalition is composed of individuals from various backgrounds and ethnicities, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Latino, Indian, and Afghan supporters. Interestingly, the core group leading the recall effort consists of Fremont residents who had initially supported Aisha Wahab during her election.

04. We Can’t Wait. A Recall is Our Only Option.

The recall effort is a necessary response to Senator Wahab’s significant failures during her time in office. The recall is based on her “non-performance” on the job. Wahab’s track record speaks for itself, as she has shown an unwillingness or inability to effectively represent the constituents who elected her.

05. The Devil is in detail – Full back story of each of her disastrous bills

The back story of each of her controversial bills and the damage they can inflict on California residents ( in the disguise of doing good) . Read further here: Click Here!

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