1. Why Recall?

The list of reasons to recall are rather long as illustrated in the other sections of this website . Here are a few compelling reasons –

Criminals are having a field day in Senate District 10 under the Senator. Places of worship such as Temples & Churches have been attacked, vandalized and robbed in recent times, out of which a vast majority of them are in SD10 under Senator Wahab. Senator Wahab has been making laws favoring criminals and going easy on crime in SD10. Senator Wahab has introduced a bill SB460 that will make it easy for unsafe people to live among our families in our neighborhoods. Senator Wahab has also introduced a bill SB404 that gives negligible punishment of either $1000 or up to 1 year of imprisonment for adult perpetrators of child marriage (of underage girls) through religious/spiritual sacraments, that is a law that goes easy on child/human-traffickers.

In a nutshell, Senator Wahab needs to be recalled in order to prevent further harm, to secure the safety of our kids, our families and our neighborhoods and to restore faith in elected officials.

2. Why Now?

Now is the right time as the Senator started on the dangerous path of authoring harmful bills within a couple of months of being in office. All through the lawmaking process and being on various commissions, the Senator consistently lacked even the most basic qualities necessary to be holding such an august office and the huge responsibility of representing us.

3. Who is the committee?

We are a group of individual voters in California SD10 district who made the blunder of electing Aisha Wahab as Senator in the year 2022. We met organically while we were forced to take up advocacy as individuals and in fighting the gravity of implications of Wahab’s lack of action and flawed actions. We came together as a team in what we would describe as the battleground for the community’s rights, safety and welfare. We are from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, including that of Vietnamese, Chinese, Latino, Indian, and Afghan.

4. What is the committee’s ask?

We urge every registered voter in California SD10 district across the political spectrum to join our efforts to RECALL Senator Wahab, as at the end of the day Senator Wahab is the Senator for all of us whether directly elected or not. Senator Wahab has made it amply clear in practice that the people are at the Senator’s mercy so we the people must exercise our constitutional rights to recall the Senator as we deserve better representation.

5. What is the process for Recalling a Senator?

The Recall is a process prescribed by the State which allows an elected official to be recalled by the voters beginning 90 days after taking office. The process requires proponents of the recall to follow particular steps including: filing a notice of intent to recall, allowing the elected official to make a response, obtaining a minimum number of verified voter signatures to approve the Recall. The entire process is overseen by the Secretary of State.

6. What is the status of Recall now?

We achieved our first milestone on Friday the December 15th, 2023 by receiving approval of the Recall application. We have now formally started the signature gathering process.

7. How many signatures are required to succeed with Recall?

We need to meet the requirement of 42,800 verifiable signatures from registered voters in California SD10.

8. What happens after signatures are verified and criteria are met?

The Senator will be successfully recalled and an election will be announced in 2024 to elect a new Senator for SD10. It is important to note that the recalled/outgoing Senator will not be eligible to contest that electoral ballot.

9. How can I get involved?

If you are able and interested in volunteering, we are now organizing signature gathering drives to collect the signatures we need. You can also collect signatures from your friends and neighbors who are registered voters in California 10th Senate District (i.e. SD10). Sign up by clicking on “Join The Movement” on this website, completing your details and submitting them.

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